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Why Not Use Subway Turnstiles?

What does it end up costing every time they have to shut down an airport terminal, cancel all the flights, and re-screen all the passengers because some dumbass went in through the out door?

What do these subway exit turnstiles cost to install? They’re in every subway station in the free world, pretty much, so they can’t be that outrageous.

Just saying.

(Online research still sucks. How much more can I say about that?)


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Whoa, Two Months?

Crap, I know I’ve been busy, but this is ridiculous.

Still fighting the good fight, but haven’t had time to write about (or even look at) much research lately. I did catch this grid a couple days ago, and I think it’s worth throwing up and looking at, not because it’s a particularly terrible example (it’s sadly just typical), but because I can imagine so many better ways to measure this:

harris vehicle grid

Can’t you picture something with different carmaker logos (or, maybe even better, images of their most popular models) that you can drag up and down or left and right to indicate exactly how likely you would be to consider each of them? And that’s just my very first thought on this one.

Flash makes pretty much anything possible, but we’re still using virtual #2 pencils to fill in virtual scantron bubbles, aren’t we? What do you think?


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Lie To Me

Here’s a silly question:

Does anyone think this works?


While I suppose my parents might occasionally answer something like that truthfully, I’m sure as hell not. If I were, there’d be no blog. There’s surely an ethical discussion to be had, but I don’t personally feel like I have any ethical responsibility to some panel company or their subcontractor, at least not on this particular question; I’m nearly always completely honest on the rest.

(For that matter, shouldn’t all the professional respondents we keep hearing about be marking “yes” on these? They’re working in market research, right?)

Best part of this, of course, is that there’s no way to know if it works or not…so why do we keep doing it?


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Lunchtime Poll

(because I’m eating lunch.)

I’ll expand on this later — I don’t want to pollute it by explaining myself too much.

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A Quick Thought: Where Are We Headed?

Just a quick thought:

Where is the industry headed, not ten or even five years down the road, but three years down the road?

When we start taking serious, state-level polls on the 2012 presidential election, will we be doing it mostly still on the telephone? Will political research have moved to the web? Will market research move even more to the web than it already has?

I have a lot of thoughts on this, which I’ll post in due course; I’m curious as to whether anyone else would like to weigh in before I do.

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