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Research Lifestreaming

Harris (click to embiggen):

I’m fascinated, but I think the universe might collapse in on itself in some sort of divide-by-zero error if I were to sign up with @researchrants.

In any case, I want to hear from anyone who does sign up … and I’d love to see any examples of gaming this system. I mean, there have got to be brand managers salivating over this, right?


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Best Buy Has Some Issues

From this story at The Consumerist. I’m sure it’s just a browser rendering issue that would have been solved with more testing, but right now, it’s just one of my all time favorite matrixes:


Well done, Best Buy!

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Attention, Bad Researchers: We Have You Surrounded. Come Out With Your Hands Up.

Well, if “surrounded” means one blogger in Australia and me here in North America, at least. So if all those bad researchers are located in Algeria, that’s sort of equidistant.

Seriously, though:

Katie Harris of Zebra Research writes here about many research-related topics, often from her perspective as a qualitative researcher — a perspective that would be of real use to the people writing the awful research that I mock here and which Katie puts in her “Terrible Questionnaire folder.” Lots of great posts (and published articles) to work through there. Give it a read!


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