Research Lifestreaming

Harris (click to embiggen):

I’m fascinated, but I think the universe might collapse in on itself in some sort of divide-by-zero error if I were to sign up with @researchrants.

In any case, I want to hear from anyone who does sign up … and I’d love to see any examples of gaming this system. I mean, there have got to be brand managers salivating over this, right?



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11 responses to “Research Lifestreaming

  1. I like the part where it says that it “integrates … postings and discussions with traditional market research, such as online surveys and private online communities”.


    They’re way, so far ahead of the game.

    : P

  2. They’re writing from the future.

    The scary alternate timeline future.

  3. Well, Katie, online surveys and private communities might be ‘new’ but they’re still quite traditional, so I think that’s their point here. I mean; a survey might be online now, but it’s still a survey (quite often with little extra options/tricks over a ‘paper’ one), maybe even an online version of one that was (is?) conducted offline as well.

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  5. crossman

    embiggen? not cromulent surely?

  6. It’s a perfectly cromulent word!

  7. I agree; completely cromulific.

  8. crossman

    I prefer (click to make more gross)

  9. I think you’re trying to ensmall the issue at stake here.

  10. I just signed up..keep you posted

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