Attention, Bad Researchers: We Have You Surrounded. Come Out With Your Hands Up.

Well, if “surrounded” means one blogger in Australia and me here in North America, at least. So if all those bad researchers are located in Algeria, that’s sort of equidistant.

Seriously, though:

Katie Harris of Zebra Research writes here about many research-related topics, often from her perspective as a qualitative researcher — a perspective that would be of real use to the people writing the awful research that I mock here and which Katie puts in her “Terrible Questionnaire folder.” Lots of great posts (and published articles) to work through there. Give it a read!



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3 responses to “Attention, Bad Researchers: We Have You Surrounded. Come Out With Your Hands Up.

  1. And I might just add that there’s no hiding. We have screen shots and we’re not afraid to use them!

    ; P

  2. I can see a future where your quiet niche is filled with people writing blogs and twittering about market research. But for now, you and Katie own the space! Nice, huh, all that room?

  3. Heh. There’s a lot to be said for being first, and sort of creating the movement. Maybe we could make it into a trade organization, charge $10 to join, and call it something like The International Society for Creating Research Instruments That Aren’t Terrible,” although ISCRITAT is probably a little too long and (completely accidentally) a little too close to “Iscariot.”

    Then again, considering what I think the worst offenders would think of me if they saw their work here, something that spelled out ISCARIOT might be completely perfect.

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