Why Not Use Subway Turnstiles?

What does it end up costing every time they have to shut down an airport terminal, cancel all the flights, and re-screen all the passengers because some dumbass went in through the out door?

What do these subway exit turnstiles cost to install? They’re in every subway station in the free world, pretty much, so they can’t be that outrageous.

Just saying.

(Online research still sucks. How much more can I say about that?)



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3 responses to “Why Not Use Subway Turnstiles?

  1. DvN

    Great idea conceptually – could work if we challenged the idea to make sure issues were raised, so they could then be resolved, for example:

    Many people in airports have luggage, and much of that luggage is pulled and towed. The design would have to take into account that the user’s “footprint” would be much larger and longer…

    Again, a great idea

  2. True, though this would just be carry-on bags at this point, so it wouldn’t be too bad, but you’re right, a wider and longer mechanism would make a lot of sense.

  3. Subway turnstiles have to deal with wheelchairs. You know how they do this? There’s a station agent there to open a gate. Kinda like the TSA agent who is sitting there watching for backflow anyway.

    At SFO, the airport-BART station has this really big rotating door, intended, I think, to isolate the different air pressures between the station and the terminal. It is large enough to accommodate multiple people with baggage, probably wheelchairs as well, in an airlock fashion. I guess the “problem” with that is it is designed for two-way operation and since the door partitions for a seal you couldn’t just do the blocker bars like a subway turnstile . . .

    But, you could just make a giant motherfrickin’ subway-style turnstile, I reckon.

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