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When Bad Research and Social Media Intersect

Here I am minding my own business, scrolling through my Facebook news feed on a Saturday morning, and suddenly I see this:


That’s a hell of a complicated question to fling up there in-between “so-and-so added new photos” and “so-and-so is wondering if my dog’s tail wags left to right or right to left??”

I don’t think there’s an inherent problem with asking a one-off question this way, but I do think there’s a problem asking about a topic as complex as protectionism in a single question, with no build-up or explanation.

(And that’s ignoring the incredibly loaded “at this time of crisis,” which surely doesn’t belong there.)

Hmpf. This article talks a little about it and says it’s Facebook doing it, but no mention of who’s actually sponsoring it — note it says “Sponsored poll” on it, implying there’s someone somewhere who’s paying for this data. Wonder if they’ll think they got what they paid for?



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