Feeling the Urge…

I’m feeling the urge to get back at this. Going to try to sit through some Toluna research today, see if it’s any better than the last time I looked, and then report back with some dire pronouncements about the future of market research.

Though I basically just said it in the comments on Ray’s excellent post.

Carry on; I’ll be along presently.



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2 responses to “Feeling the Urge…

  1. doug

    Good to hear from you!

    While I don’t agree entirely with your comment (it’s certainly possible to write a decent survey that’s longer than 10 minutes), I sympathize with the sentiment (there are way too many unnecessarily long surveys and the abuse of respondents is a scandal). I’m downright pessimistic about getting US market researchers down to 20 minutes, much less 10. The Internet was made for short surveys.

  2. Hi, Doug. I’ll agree with you that it’s definitely possible to write a decent survey that takes longer than ten minutes to complete, but I think it creates such serious issues on the respondent side that I’d be skeptical of any results they produce. I think it’s definitely possible, through both incentive/compensation and interviewer training, to keep someone on the phone through a longer survey, and to keep receiving meaningful answers, but I’m not sure there’s much budget out there for such work.

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