Blank = Zero

Can we please just all agree that blank = zero?

Greenfield, unsurprisingly:


Come on, guys. Stop making things hard for respondents. It’s not like you have enough of them to begin with.



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3 responses to “Blank = Zero

  1. From a programming point of view, leaving things blank can be problematic. It’s easier to validate if the respondent has to give an answer in each box. I agree though that this question could be better designed. If the number of children in each age band is important, I would have gone with a drop-down box defaulting to zero going up to 10, along with an option for ‘I have no boys / girls’. If it’s not, a tick box for each age / gender to say ‘yes, I have at least one child in this category’ would suffice.

  2. ubu.roi

    This is just lazy/rushed scriptwriting. Yes it’s easier this way but they should have just gone the length of auto-recoding 0 in all fields left blank by the respondent.

  3. Yea “Mark it zero!” automatically, like says. 😉

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