Excuse me while I vomit.


Protip: just because you’ve somehow managed to combine some letters to form some words and you’ve placed radio buttons alongside them doesn’t mean you’ve created a poll.

Bonus protip: you can see research that’s just as bad (but generally a lot less offensive) on the home pages of most every local TV station, newspaper, and radio station in America.


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5 responses to “Excuse me while I vomit.

  1. ubu.roi

    This is not research. This is nowhere near research. Just because they can script and post a question, like you said, does not make it even close to research. This is an offensive, rude, ignorant and malevolent piece of commentary from someone who does not intend to find out what others are thinking, but rather to trumpet their hateful agenda.

    Please don’t give these people more attention than they deserve.

  2. Visiting the website to see what kind of site it was explained a lot, I must say. But I agree with ubu.roi (and yourself), just because someone managed to compile something like a poll doesn’t make it research. It’s not even a proper attempt at doing research.

  3. Glenn

    You are excused

    I disagree with ubu.roi, keep highlighting the pretenders!

  4. Gah. Hateful bollocks masquerading as research.

  5. Never seen anything quite so blatantly biased.

    Although, I have read one that went something like this:

    In order to save the planet, do you think government should invest more, less or the same amount on green initiatives?


    I’m sure you can guess what the response was. Brilliant, just brilliant!

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