Health Survey!

You know what works better than an incentive? For me, anyway?

health! survey! invite!

Exclamation points! The enthusiasm is contagious! I can’t wait to click the link and take the survey.

Of course, I’ll bet the staid researchers who programmed the survey itself aren’t so excited about it, though.

health survey!

Oh my gosh! They totally are! This is going to be the best survey ever!

Or not. But it was refreshingly matrix-free and fairly speedy. And oddly, I know I’m sort of making fun of it, but — the exclamation point actually worked, unintentional though I suspect it must be.


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One response to “Health Survey!

  1. ubu.roi

    This is a comment!

    Aren’t you excited at my comment?! Don’t you wish to reply right away and tell me you appreciate my comment?!?!

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