Adblock? Never heard of it!

Here’s what I saw on the first screen of a survey Food and Wine magazine wanted me to take:

no button

(I entered my actual age for the question; I changed it to 99 for the screengrab.)

There’s no “continue” button here. I was initially hopeful that it was one of those speedy flash-based things that would zip me to the next question as soon as I clicked a radio button, but no, nothing happened.

Temporarily disabling Adblock Plus– a Firefox extension that 8 million people used yesterday — makes the page (and its missing button) render properly, as does viewing it in Internet Explorer:


How is it possible that your testing didn’t catch this? How is it possible that you’ve managed to create the only survey I’ve ever seen that can be defeated by the most common advertisement blocking software on the planet? What vacuum are you working in where none of your staff is sophisticated enough to use Adblock?

About six clicks later, after a few questions about three different car brands, I hit a matrix, asking about one of the three brands. Surprisingly, I only got asked the (horribly redundant) questions about this one brand, which was refreshing:

and heres the matrix



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