Just answered about four painfully bad screens of questions — a matrix asking me to rank 21 items on a 1-10 scale, and then multiple screens asking me to rank each of those items individually from 1st to 21st most important to me, which is impossible when you really only care about five of the items — it’s pretty impossible to decide in any meaningful way what should be #9 and what should be #19 when you don’t care about any of it — but I eventually got through it and was given this prize:


As far as I can tell, I didn’t do anything wrong. In any case, the “continue” button still existed, so I pressed it and went on — but what a terrible experience for respondents.



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2 responses to “What?

  1. Debugging screen indeed.

    Your hard work and suffering for the good of market research does not go unnoticed!

    ; )

  2. Hahahaha. If only those GUILTY of these offenses would notice…

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