Harris Thinks Outside The Box

Not in a good way, though:


It’s always possible this was a Firefox-only problem, but I (a) doubt it and (b) don’t think that makes this OK either, actually.

It’s not eggregious, of course, just … off, and as such, distracting. Don’t distract your respondents; don’t make them take time out from thinking about their answers to think about why your boxes won’t fit on your page.



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2 responses to “Harris Thinks Outside The Box

  1. Forget the formatting issues, how about the question itself!?!?!?!

    No biscuit. Not even a crumb.

    Read all 15 boxes? And keep all that information in my head? To choose one? When they all seem the same?

    And scroll?

    Are they kidding?

    (Love your work)

  2. Shoot, I had a whole other entry in mind about that, and never quite got to it.

    What was very odd for me was that I’d recently taken a similar piece of research — better designed, by a professor somewhere, I think possibly MIT — which asked a seriously large number of questions about car buying, using boxes containing different generic car images, at different price points, and with different safety ratings, reliability scores, and so on.

    I should look and see if I still have the screen captures from that one, because the differences are striking; the other one mostly worked because it gave the respondent information he could mostly hold and compare in his head — 4 star safety vs. 3, and $30,000 vs. $25,000, and SUV vs. hatchback. This one is just a giant mess.

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