Another Strange Facebook Poll

I’ve edited this image to remove the names and images of the people who posted the items around the “poll.” I left them in just to show the context — the thing just appears right smack dab in the middle of all the normal content generated by my friends.


Weird, right? Also, I live something like 900 miles from Kohler, Wisconsin, and don’t think I’ve ever been closer than 400 miles to it — and that was just to change planes in Detroit.  It’d be one thing if they were asking me about Milwaukee, or Madison, or some other city in Wisconsin that I’d possibly heard of at some point in my life, as opposed to tiny little Kohler, population 1,926, according to Wikipedia.

The results, by the way, seem to suggest that someone is wasting their money on this apparently completely untargeted piece of research:


Very strange. I’d be really curious to know if there were any follow-ups to the 7% who said yes, though I think I’d be surprised if there were.


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