I’m not sure what’s more interesting about this: the ALL CAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON, or the inclusion of every operating system known to man:


Odd they left out CP/M. I wonder how many OS2 users they still get.

They get bonus points for the odd clip art, too.  “Look at this fascinating INTERNET PANEL question I’m being asked, Hilda!”



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3 responses to “THIS IS INTERESTING

  1. Maybe someone should tell them that they can just sniff the respondent’s browser and avoid even asking the question.

  2. They can’t use lowercase and you’re suggesting they can sniff browsers?

    Seriously, you’re right, though I think in this question they were looking for IT workers who use multiple operating systems on multiple machines, so it’s not unreasonable for them to ask in this case. I have a bigger issue with the constant re-asking of questions they already do have the answers to, like when Harris asks my country, state, and zip code as the first three questions of every single piece of research I take…

  3. Mack_Sim

    Obviously biased question. The list does not, in fact contain “every operating system known to man”. Plan9 isn’t there, Darwin isn’t there, BSD isn’t there.

    What’s more, the list quotes six versions of Windows (including two that aren’t supported anymore) yet one of everything else. Why not Tiger, Panther and Leopard too then?

    It’s all made by someone who really, truly wishes the answer to be “Windows, in any way shape or form”.

    As for OS/2: there are still people out there who have a sense of humor and know how to modify what OS gets reported by their browsers.

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