Sweet Fancy Matrix

This one, from the nameless partner of a nameless partner of Greenfield the Matrix King, may just take the cake.

Maybe it’s just that it’s late at night and my glasses are dirty and my eyes are tired, but this is incredibly off-putting to me:


I especially enjoy the “100% Fruit Juice In Any Flavor” column, and the way each word is on its own row.

I’m going to try to persevere and get through this one, mainly because I think it’s sure to get worse as I go, but if it weren’t for you, my loyal readers, I swear I’d just to to bed.

In all seriousness, though: who decided that this was the way to determine what consumers truly think?



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3 responses to “Sweet Fancy Matrix

  1. Great matrix. It would make me want to tick al lot of options in the “None of these” column.. 🙂

    Do I read that question right? “Which of these beverages do you think?”

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m surprised most respondents don’t fall asleep on that question alone! It’s very frightening if veteran researchers designed that matrix. One of the first things we were taught in Marketing Research 101 was to make questions easy to understand and complete.

    A question like that is absolutely unacceptable!

  3. vvvladut

    Firefox > Web Developer add-on > Forms > Populate form fields


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