Pssssst: It’s Still a Matrix

Even though I can make cool patterns with it, it’s still a matrix, and in the end, it’s still a bit boring.


I still think this is an innovative approach, and one with promise — but I think it would be much stronger with logos or product images in place of the text. Take advantage of the unique opportunities you get in web-based research.



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4 responses to “Pssssst: It’s Still a Matrix

  1. On one hand one would say change the lame buttons with shiny logo’s or photos. On the other hand, this might influence respondents. A bigger or shinier logo might be clicked more?

    I like the approach, it’s better than the standard form buttons or similar “HTML” matrices.

    Did you try refreshing this? I wonder if they make the buttons change position. Which would be actually be good. 🙂

    Oh, and they should indeed check the results for people who just used the matrix to create cool patterns.. 🙂

    BTW, after staring at this longer, maybe the green color confuse a respondent because it stands for positive (whilst asking about negative things)? Wouldn’t it be cool if they would be grey or white when the question loads and you could turn them to red or green by clicking once or twice?

  2. Heh. I didn’t refresh, but I did go back and forth a couple of times, changing patterns — the order didn’t change, but it’s definitely possible it was generated randomly for me the first time I saw it.

    The way they ask, which probably isn’t clear from the screen shot, is that they first ask you which companies you have a positive opinion of; when you’re answering that question, a single click turns the box green, and a second click resets it to white. Once you submit those answers, you’re asked which ones you have a negative opinion of, and again a single click selects a name as red, and a second click turns it white again. If you want to change one that was already set to green, you need to go back to the first page to do so.

    I feel like sometime in the past, Polling Point may have had it working like you suggest — click for green, click again for red, click a third time to reset it to white or grey — it’s possible someone else was doing that, though. I think that’s an improvement, to be sure — streamlines the process and makes it easier to change your mind.

  3. Doug Rivers

    I’d rather not have so many market researchers on our panel, but thanks for the comments.

    The way it’s supposed to work (I wrote the original spec for the widget) is that the buttons are initially all gray with the positive question displayed. Clicking turns the buttons green. Then you get the negative question and clicking turns the buttons red. Further clicking cycles between gray, green, and red in that order.

    Yes, the items are boring, though it’s hard to put logos on the buttons, since they have different sizes and colors. In the end, we stuck with the simpler, more boring version. But, hopefully, it’s a still a little better than just a pair of multiple choice questions.

    Love your blog. I wish there were more people in the research world with the same viewpoint.

  4. Thanks, Doug, I appreciate that a lot.

    I think there are actually a good number of us out here who feel similarly, but for one reason or another, we’re a bit constrained — legacy clients who insist on re-fielding badly written instruments that were written elsewhere or in house by them, management stuck in its ways, etc. I think there’s hope, though, especially from those working on their own and from the smaller organizations who are able to go their own way.

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