Define “use.”


OK, 168 is probably an exaggeration; I do put my laptop to sleep when I go to bed. On the other hand, I have machines in the house that are always running, and generally serving something to somebody somewhere, so in that respect, I am using the internet.

Harris asks something similar, which I thought I’d complained about previously but now can’t locate, so maybe I dreamt about it. Look, I “use the internet” all day long at work, and am logged onto IM from the moment I get home until the moment I go to bed, even if I’m doing something else at the time like watching television. Lately, I’ve been logging off IM and email and getting in bed with my laptop to get sleepy by reading wikipedia articles on interesting topics — I’ve always liked non-fiction. Except for the hours I’m actually asleep, I really AM on the internet all the time — so maybe you could be asking a more relevant measure of my internet usage than the specific number of hours I’m using it.

Incidentally, I never figured out what the top allowable number was; I subtracted 6 hours a night for sleep from 168 and tried 126, which it also rejected, and then tried 100 (assuming it would also fail and I’d end up using 99), but it did in fact accept it.


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