What Ever Happened to Yes and No?

The screengrab that follows is secondhand, and may not actually have been generated by MSNBC, but multiple sources confirm that MSNBC actually asked this question on their website:

Seriously, MSNBC? Those are your answer choices?


What if you think the speech was completely horrible, including the parts where he told his military story? What if you think he did a great job telling his story (as opposed to a “good review of his military service”) but think he didn’t talk enough about “how the GOP will lead the nation?” What if any of a million things? Why in the name of God would you add all those other words to make your poll unanswerable

Yes or no.

Approve or disapprove.

Support or oppose.

Don’t forget the “not sure” option, either.

And we’re not even touching the problem that MSNBC separately introduced by using “and” in the question to join and simultaneously ask about two completely different things. That’s a post for another day.


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