Your Matrix Makes Me Cry.

So, you show me an advertisement after telling me it’s the first of about five advertisements I’ll be looking at.

Then you asked me a couple of good, smart questions about the ad and my reactions to it. The questions were painless to answer, easy to look at, and I was able to answer them without dreading answering the same questions about the other ads further down the road.

Then, though, you gave me this:

That was bad enough to make me stop taking the research and write this post. I’ll probably continue it — at least for a screen or two — mainly so I can see where it’s going and get a sense of how painful it’s going to be — but the knowledge that I’m going to have to deal with this screen and its 168 buttons — 7 columns x 24 rows — at least five times — that’s 840 radio buttons, by the way — has made me feel seriously fatigued — and I haven’t clicked a single one yet.

There are better ways to ask this question; not asking it at all may be the best of them all.



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3 responses to “Your Matrix Makes Me Cry.

  1. Oh, wow, that is dead-on. Glad you’re noticing the same thing I am; just wish I could figure out how to turn it into an opportunity.

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